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Top Tips: How to Manage Stress During a Renovation Project

A home renovation project can be an exciting adventure, but it can also be a significant source of stress. The process of a renovation is often associated with budget constraints, project delays, and unexpected issues that can arise along the way.

Man stressed during renovation

However, there are ways to manage stress during a renovation. In this blog post, we will discuss what elements of a renovation contribute to stress, and suggest some ways of coping with this stress.

We've also included tips from builders, kitchen designers, and counsellors to help you stay calm during your project.

The Elements of a Renovation that Contribute to Stress:

Budget constraints

One of the most significant sources of stress is budget constraints. It can be incredibly frustrating to have a grand vision for your home but not be able to afford the materials, finishes, or labour required to bring that vision to life. When working with a budget, it’s essential to be realistic and flexible in your expectations. Never take on debt that you aren’t able to repay.

Project delays

Renovations can be unpredictable, and sometimes unexpected issues can arise. This can cause project delays, which can be stressful when you want to see your renovation completed as quickly as possible. It’s important to be patient and to communicate with your contractors or builders to stay informed about any potential delays.


During a renovation, you will be faced with countless decisions to make. From selecting finishes to deciding on the layout of a room, it can be overwhelming to have so many choices to make. Making these decisions under pressure can be incredibly stressful, and it’s essential to take breaks and seek advice from professionals or friends. The more decisions you can make in advance the better, rather than waiting until the 'heat of the moment’.

Disruption to daily routines

A renovation project undoubtedly causes a disruption to your daily routine. Depending on the scope of the project, you may need to move out of your home temporarily or deal with a lack of access to certain parts of your home. This disruption can cause stress, especially for families with young children or pets. (Hint: This is where Kitchen Pod Hire can help with a temporary kitchen)

Tips for Managing Stress During a Renovation:

Be prepared

Before starting any remodelling, it’s essential to do your research and be as prepared as possible. This means having a detailed budget, understanding the scope of the project, and having a timeline in place. Being prepared will help you anticipate potential issues and better manage your expectations.

Set realistic goals

When setting goals for your project, it’s essential to be realistic. It’s easy to get carried away with grand plans, but it’s important to consider your budget, timeline, and the feasibility of your ideas. Set achievable goals and prioritise the most important aspects of the project.

An alternative to compromising on your goals would be to employ a project manager. Their job will be to fully understand what you’re trying to achieve and use their skills and time to bring that to reality.

Communicate effectively

Communication is key when it comes to managing stress. Be sure to communicate clearly with your builders or contractors, and don’t be afraid to ask questions or voice your concerns. Keeping an open line of communication will help you stay informed and better manage your stress levels.

Take breaks

It’s easy to get caught up in the chaos of the renovation, but it’s important to take breaks and step away from the project when you need to. This could mean taking a weekend away or simply going for a walk to clear your mind. Taking a break will help you recharge and better manage stress.

Walking for exercise with friends

Research has consistently shown the positive effects of exercise on reducing stress. In a study published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, participants who engaged in regular exercise reported lower levels of stress and anxiety compared to those who did not exercise regularly. This can be any form of exercise that works for you.

Seek professional advice

When faced with difficult decisions or unexpected issues during a renovation, it can be helpful to seek advice from professionals. This could mean consulting with a builder or kitchen designer to help you make decisions, or speaking with a therapist or counsellor to help manage stress and anxiety.

There are also several apps and websites (such as Calm, Headspace, Insight Timer or Breathing Space) which can help guide you through some meditative and breathing exercises.

Tips from Builders and Kitchen Designers:

We reached out to builders and kitchen designers to get their expert tips on managing stress during the works. Here’s what they had to say:

“Communication is key. Be sure to keep the lines of communication open with your builder or designer. Ask questions and voice your concerns, so everyone is on the same page.” - Sarah, Kitchen Designer

“Take time to plan and prepare before starting your renovation project. This will help you stay organised and better manage your stress levels.” - Andrew, Builder

Communicating with builder

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Whether it’s from a professional or a friend, asking for help can help alleviate stress.” - Lisa, Kitchen Designer

Tips from Therapists:

We also spoke with counsellors to get their advice on managing stress during a home renovation. Here are some of the tips they shared:

“Practice mindfulness techniques, such as meditation or deep breathing, to help manage any stress and anxiety.” (Note: this isn't as silly as it sounds. Sure, the first time or two feels a little weird and you'll probably laugh at yourself a little. But do work through that and explore what it can do for you. It has been transformational for me...and I'm no one special, so you'll be grand)

“Maintain a routine during your project to help reduce stress. Stick to a regular sleep schedule and make time for exercise and other self-care activities.”

“Find ways to make the renovation process enjoyable, such as listening to music or hosting a small gathering to celebrate progress made on the project.”

“Remember to prioritise self-compassion and patience during a renovation project. It’s easy to get frustrated and stressed, but it’s important to be kind to yourself and allow for mistakes and setbacks along the way.”


Renovating a home can be a stressful experience, but there are ways to manage stress and make the process more enjoyable. Being prepared, setting realistic goals, communicating effectively, taking breaks, and seeking professional advice are all effective ways to manage stress during a renovation project. Listening to the advice of builders, kitchen designers, and therapists can also be incredibly helpful in navigating the stress of a renovation project. Remember to prioritise self-care and be patient with the process, and your project will be a success!

One final note that we've found to be a really great stress reliever, is to keep a diary of everything that happens and what you've got done. And regularly look back on that so you can see how far you've already come and remind yourself how awesome you are!

Writing your achievements

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