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We work with you to position the pod where it will work best for you and your kitchen project. We conduct a Risk Assessment on site of the Installation prior to set up in order to ensure your safety.


Water Installation

We run a protected food grade hygiene hose from your outside tap into our pod. Again, this is required to be no more than 25m away from the pod

While outside tap water is usually drinking water, once it reaches our pod, we still pass it through a water filter which can then be used for drinking water, cooking or washing your dishes

Waste Water

Once on site, we make up the pipework that will take waste water from your pod into a nearby grey water drain

This should be as close as possible to the pod to avoid a trip hazard but will still work over a short distance so long as there is sufficient fall in the pipe to allow the water to flow


Electrical Installation

To provide electrics to the pod, we run 2 cables to your property and plug them into your normal ring main circuit. We require that the plug is no more than 25m from the pod.


The electrics in our pods are protected by an RCD circuit board. We also protect the cables that run into your property with an RCD plug.

Gas Supply

We supply bottled gas for your pod. This is connected and secured externally to the pod and is regularly serviced.


Kitchen Pod Hire allows you to renovate your kitchen with minimal impact to your daily routine

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