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About Us

Kitchen Pod Hire exists to take the pain out of your renovation experience.

Our pricing is clear and simple.

A daily price for a pod + any optional extras required.

And we offer discount for hires longer than 3 weeks.

So Kitchen Pod Hire was born...

We then came up with the idea of creating a fitted luxury kitchen pod for home owners which would meet the needs of all of their problems whilst getting their kitchen renovated.


Spurred on by our vision to rip up the rule book for renovations, we are passionate about helping our clients relieve the significant pain when crafting their dream home.


Our Vision is to offer a top quality product, dependable service and incomparable client care.


We can't wait to hear from you and help you change your life with a solution that we haven't found anywhere else in Northern Ireland or in the south.


With many daily enquiries and bookings, if you are looking to book your Kitchen Pod in 2023, contact us as soon as possible for an update on our availability so we don't hold your project up.

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Learn how Kitchen Pod Hire works?

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What is included in our pods?

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