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Our most common questions answered

It’s important to us that our customers feel fully informed and confident when working with us. That’s why we’ve made an extensive list of past customers’ questions along with answers from our experienced team. Browse through the information below, and if you have a question that isn’t included here, feel free to reach out to us today.

How do I book a pod?

Simply get in touch with us at with your requested dates and we can get it booked in for you. If, for some reason, we don’t have availability for your dates we will work with you to find a time that does work for you and your project.

When you book, we will need you to confirm that your driveway is more than 5.2m long and more than 2.4m wide

I don’t have a driveway, can the pod go on the street?

At the moment, we’re sorry but we aren’t able to provide a pod on public property. The pod needs to be located on your private land (eg. a site or driveway)

Do I need planning permission?

No. Because the pod is temporary and doesn’t require foundations, planning permission is not applicable

Will the pod damage my driveway or garden?

The pod is no heavier than a modern family car and so it shouldn’t damage a normal driveway. If the pod were to be located on grass for extended periods of time, the lack of direct sunlight may affect the normal growth of grass underneath

Are my pets allowed in the pod?

Absolutely! We know your pets are as important to you as your home so all our pods are totally pet friendly

What happens on the day of delivery?

The day before your hire begins, we’ll give you a call to let you know when we’ll arrive and to confirm that someone will be present on site.

Once we arrive, we will agree with you the position of the pod. After this, we locate and install the services, stabilise the pod and apply the wheel locks.

We then share with you the features of the pod and make sure you’re comfortable before we leave you the keys.

It doesn’t normally take too long to set up but please allow up to 1hr for us on-site

What happens on the day of Collection?

A few days before the end of your hire we’ll give you a call to check that all is going well with your project and agree a pickup day and time.

Once we arrive we’ll meet you, check that all is well, disconnect the services and simply leave you to enjoy your newly renovated home!

What if my project overruns?

Don’t worry. We understand this sometimes happens so we allow a buffer time after your hire in case of any overruns. We just ask that you give us as much notice as possible so that we don’t come and prematurely collect the pod. In any case, we will always contact you a few days before the end of your hire to make sure your project is going to plan

What if my project finishes early?

That’s great! Just get in touch with us and we will arrange to collect your pod

How much space do I need?

From tail to tower hitch, our pods range between 5.2m and 5.9m long and 2.4m wide. Of course, you will need a little more width in the region of the access door to allow comfortable access

How do I get power and water to the pod?

The pod is supplied with an RCD protected circuit board so we simply need to run cables from the normal sockets in your house. For water, we connect up to an outside tap (and provide a filter in the pod) and for waste, we run pipework into a nearby suitable waste drain

How are the pods cleaned?

After every hire and before delivery to you, we thoroughly clean the inside of the pod and wash the outside. We also make sure they are thoroughly sanitised before beginning your hire in line with current Covid-19 guidance

What’s included inside the pod?

All our pods come with a minimum of an oven, hob, fridge, a dining table and a heater. Additionally you can specify whether you'd like a dishwasher or a washing machine for your pod depending on your project's requirements

Why do I have to pay a deposit and is it refundable?

We ask for a holding deposit to secure the booking and then that is used to cover any minor damage. If the pod is returned in the same condition as it was left (allowing for fair wear and tear), you will receive your deposit back in full

Can I collect the pod and position it myself?

Sadly not. When we deliver your pod, we conduct a risk assessment to ensure the pod is located in a sufficiently safe position and we are required to connect up the services

Can I move the pod myself?

Sadly not. We conduct a risk assessment of the pod and its location on your site. This is to minimise the chances of harm to you or the pod during your hire. If you find it necessary for the pod to be moved, do please get in touch but we normally try to limit moves during a hire period and they're usually only necessary on hires longer than 2 weeks

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