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High quality temporary kitchen that makes your life easier when your kitchen is out of action.
100% guaranteed

Recommended by Architects, Kitchen Designers, Kitchen Fitters and Builders

Our Kitchen Pods

Temporary Quality Kitchens for Hire in Northern Ireland


Our Kitchen Pods are crafted and fabricated in Northern Ireland to the highest standards. We go over and above to ensure we provide a great service that is sure to make your project easier​


The hard work is ours. After siting the Kitchen Pod on your driveway,  connecting services for electricity, water and waste, we guide you through a handover and pass you the keys


Who are the Pods for?

If your kitchen is out of action; whether through creating your dream home or disrupted by a flood, then our pods are for you. Our temporary kitchens have been especially designed to fit on most driveways and allow you to stay at home during kitchen renovations.

Our pods are pet friendly, save you the disruption of moving out and make sure that you're not compromising or adding discomfort to your busy day.


Pod Hires starting from £26 - £29 per day

(Subject to length of hire)

(minimum price for any hire is £203 which includes up to first 7 days pod hire, and complimentary delivery, set up and collection within 40miles of Lisburn).

Our pricing is for full use of the pod, plus your chosen extras*, for the length of time of your hire, whether for 4 days, 6 weeks or 10 months.

*Extras can include gas bottle, coffee machine, microwave, cooking equipment.


Discount available for longer hires!

Kitchen Pod Benefits

Our Kitchen Pods are designed to work for You, that's our mission

Save Money & Time

Takeaway Meals, Hotels & Air BnB's for families can be expensive.


You get full reign over your kitchen project without needing to reinstall a sink each evening or connect a washing machine - they'll thank you for this AND it will mean they can get the work done quicker.


Stay at home

It's not uncommon for a project to over-run. Being on site as much as possible allows issues to be resolved quickly and to maintain momentum.

Don't forget, it's also a huge hassle to move out and away from all your creature comforts, important documents, valuables etc. Having a pod that means you won't have any of those worries.


Finish quicker

Did you know that typically 1 hour per day is wasted reconnecting services? This time is made up of physically connecting the services & thus managing the kitchen refurbishment in a less efficient way.


Allowing your trades uninterrupted reign of your kitchen will mean they  will be able to complete your project quicker.

Keep your pets with you

We understand your pets are a part of your family and our pods are as friendly to your pets as your own kitchen.

With our solution, you won't have to look for other family members to mind your pets or other accommodation during your project.

A Cleaner Alternative

Any home renovation is a messy business - dust, mud, sawdust, you name it. With our temporary pods replacing your kitchen, you can close the door to your project, keep the mess in there and have the rest of your house undisturbed


More Relaxing Option

Our pods aren't invasive and we don't need to remodel your living room or a bedroom to give you your temporary kitchen. Now you can have a relaxing bath without being surrounded by dishes and watch TV without a washing machine rattling in the corner!


We liase with you to site the pod where it's going to work for you and your build teams. After this, we connect all the services to get your pod up and running



2 Electrical cables are run from your property to the pod. The cables are 25m long.



A protected food hygiene hose is connected from your property to the pod. This hose is 25m long.



On site, we make up the waste pipe to route it to an appropriate foul water drain. We look for this to be less than 10m



We can supply bottled propane for the cooker. This is secured to the pod frame.


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Get in Touch

Kitchen Pod Hire is committed to helping you. It's as simple as that. We want to help you through the challenging parts of a big renovation and make your experience as comfortable as possible

Any Questions (including about Bookings or to check availability), comments or special requests? We'd love to hear from you

+44 7774 379 159

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